Preparing polaroids for scanning

Recently, I have been asked quite a bit about how I create my background for my polaroids on Instagram. Today, I thought this would be a great follow up to an older post of mine on scanning polaroids.

Materials needed:
- Background material*
- Painter's/artist's tape
- Your polaroids

*Note: The background should be smaller than the scannable area of your flatbed scanner as this will help create the best results. Also, the background used should be a smooth matte finish as to not damage the glass of the scanner.

The blue frame that you see on my background (see photo) is my template frame to help align my polaroid correctly. 

  • Dry cloth or paper towel wipe off the background surface.
  • Roll a piece of tape sticky side up (creating double sided tape).
  • Apply the tape to the back of the polaroid.
  • Apply the polaroid face up onto the background.
  • *If you also created a template align the polaroid the best you can.
  • Done!

For how I scan them, please refer back to the link provided below:

Glazer's + Rare Medium Instant Contest

Thank you, Glazer's and Rare Medium! 

Yesterday, October 10, 2013 was Glazer's first Instant Contest along with its 11th annual Toy Camera Contest. The entries for the Toy Camera Contest overwhelmed the Instant Contest, but fear not there will be more Instant Contest to come! The more people that know about these events; the more we can all support what we love.

Now on to why I am thanking Glazer's and Rare Medium. Well for those that were at the event and that are following me on Facebook and/or Instagram already know, I was awarded Best IMPOSSIBLE (Best photograph shoot on IMPOSSIBLE film!)


Here is the winning image. It will be up at Glazer's studio and lighting store for a while. The piece will be moved to Rare Medium for November's Capital Hill Art Walk.

The prize? A certified refurbished SLR 680 by IMPOSSIBLE! Thank you, IMPOSSIBLE for the amazing prize!