Ken Yu

Advertising photographer






Age: 27 but "Forever 12"
Education: BFA @ Art Institute of Seattle
Style: Beautiful lighting, colorful, and minimalistic


Q: How did you get into photography?
I was 10 when I was introduced to photography. My uncle had a Nikon SLR and tried to explain the 3 principles of photography- shutter speed, aperture, and ASA. Granted, I was 10, so I had no clue what he was talking about. It was in high school when my passion for photography emerged after being exposed to the darkroom and shooting 35mm film. I would somedays spend 5-6 hours in the darkroom.

Q: What drew you to photography?
A: (Simple, I can't draw to save my life.) Light and shaping light is what draws me to photography. It's the base of what makes photography possible. I am constantly on the lookout for interesting interactions between light and shadow.

Q: What is the 7 in Aperture7 mean?
A: The 7 represents seven ideologies I hold professionally and personally. - Happiness, perfection, experimentation, inspiration, reflection, mindfulness, and positivity.

Phone: +1 (916) 670-0293